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Our Story

We are a family team comprised of a mother, two of her daughters and one son in law.


Our plant based journey started in 2017 based on a health scare and an amazing doctor pointing us in the direction of nature’s medicine, plants! Our two resident culinary experts turned this into a fun challenge of making the family favourites veganized. We now want to share our new found passion for plant based cooking and baking with the community.


Sally comes from a long line of bakers, growing up surrounded by delicious baked goods, naturally she helped run her mother and brothers bakery before retiring and going plant based with her family. Her sweet tooth has not been left behind as she loves to veganize and share her classic recipes.



Megan is a professional food stylist who comes from a pastry background. She has a passion for turning classic desserts and pastries plant based without you ever knowing the difference. Megan is our lead designer and decorator for all of your Obviously custom designs. 



Cole is a culinary graduate and a personal plant based chef, he is the lead recipe developer and creator of all your Obviously favourites. You can often catch him tending to his large organic vegetable and herb garden.



Michelle has a degree in Entrepreneurship and an eye for business. She is passionate about the plant based lifestyle and making that accessible for everyone. She wears many hats but really enjoys being active on our social media advocating the environmental reasons to try plant based foods more often.



We are dedicated to bringing you familiar food choices that you know, and love  based upon foods from the earth. We want to inspire the nostalgia of your favourite meals with future forward eating without sacrificing great taste. By empowering a community of ethical, social and environmentally responsible people we can go back to the roots of food not only for health and compassion but for the planet as a whole.


We want to provide plant based options everyone will love whether at home or on the go.

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